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Friday, August 31 , 2012, 3:30pm
CCRC Auditorium

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Lianchun Wang


Host: BGSA

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Welcome to the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Program (BCMB), a multi-disciplinary, research-intensive, academic unit of the University of Georgia. We have over 60 affiliated faculty that are leading innovative research in a number of cutting edge disciplines.

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  • Our research mission is to generate new knowledge and original concepts related to solving modern scientific problems. We maintain internationally recognized and well-funded research programs in the areas of bioinformatics, biophysical method development, enzymology, glycobiology, molecular medicine, plant biology, and structural biology, among many others.

  • Our academic mission is to foster development of independent learning, thinking, and communication skills by our students and to instill in them an enthusiasm to achieve. Original research is fully integrated into both the graduate and undergraduate curricula, which prepare students for positions in academia, agrobiology, biotechnology, government, professional post-graduate programs, and other job sectors.

We encourage you to explore our website to learn more and to contact us if you require more information.

Important Announcement: The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is proud to announce the establishment of three graduate fellowships. These fellowships will provide financial support for three competitive applicants seeking admission to our program for the fall of 2012. Applicants that are selected for one of these awards will be supported as research assistants during their first year and therefore free of all teaching obligations during that year. Two of the fellowships will be awarded to students interested in any of our research areas while the third will be awarded to a student interested in laboratories performing cancer research. Anyone interested in applying to our program will automatically be eligible for one of these fellowships and is encouraged to have their completed application submitted through the graduate school as early as possible.

More information on the application process can be found at the following links:

Faculty Spotlight   Student Spotlight

See Complete List of Faculty in the Spotlight


See Complete List of Students in the Spotlight

BMB Retreat 2010



Learn more about the Harry Peck Research Awards


Winners of the 2010 Harry Peck Research Awards:

  • Graduate Student (Junior Award):
    Sean During (Wells Laboratory) “O-GlcNAc modification modulates insulin gene transcription”.

  • Graduate Student (Senior Award):
    Jonathan Demick (Lanzilotta Laboratory) “A new paradigm for AdoMet radical activases”.

  • Graduate Student (Senior Award):
    Eladio Abreu (Terns Laboratory) “New insight into the regulation of telomerase trafficking”.

  • Postdoctoral Fellow Award:
    Wade Abbott (Gilbert Laboratory) “New insights into our gut microbial organ”.

Current BGSA Officers:

  • President: Aaron C. Petrey
  • Vice-President: Justin Polizzi
  • Secretary: Nick Sennett
  • Seminar Liaison: DJ Bernsteel
  • Social Chairs: Nickita Mehta, Sam Dolezal
  • Community Service Chair: Matt Furgerson
  • New Student Liaison: Ryan Stuart
  • Faculty Liason: Marion Waltarmath



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